Hello All,


My name is Shawn Wood and this is my site. I have had this URL for some time, but I have yet to write anything in the about section, so here it goes. Currently I live in Saint Leonard, MD with my wife and daughter. I am going to school at Johns Hopkins University Carey Business School to get my MBA and I can not tell you how happy I will be when it is over. That is of course until the student loan payments come due for this overpriced education. I had a few ideas of what I was going to do with this degree, but now I am rethinking it as the experience has not been what I had expected. I could elaborate more, but I don't want to write a novel on this site.

Lets see, I work in Southern Maryland for a Defense Contractor doing graphics, multimedia and some animation. I am a Autodesk Maya guy. There is nothing real exciting going on there at work. I did however win a Telly and a Communicator award for the animations I contributed to a video there. So I thought that was cool.


Thanks for visiting


Shawn Wood


P.S. I hope to update this page more often and add a blog to the site. Of course this is if time permits